Guild of Craftsmen
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This widespread, but dying group is made up mostly of old men, dwarves and gnomes who were powerful craftsmen, architects and stonemasons in their prime, but now represent the decaying opposition to architecture as anything but a reflection of the power of the nexus towers. The members of the Guild of Craftsmen in the Flannish Cities, especially in Praxus, oppose the ideas of Basilis and have even developed a habit of hissing when his name is spoken around them. Their once numerous resources have dwindled and their old contacts in places of power have turned from them or simply passed away. Now they are reduced to meeting each other in houses or inns to discuss "what went wrong" and "the good old days" during games of cards over a pint of ale. As such, they are usually dismissed by the current leadership as "a bunch of useless, crabby old men."

However, many of these old men still have a few resources at their disposal and are willing to utilize them for a cause that directly opposes the modern system of architecture. With the resources of the entire group pooled together, a person with a good strategy could do serious damage to the establishment. Until then, these men just sit and play games, complaining about the way things should be done and waiting for leadership from a younger generation.

Unlike The Committee, these old men do not long for chaos in their city. They only see the current Praxus Standards as an affront to the principles of beauty and function in architecture. Their organization is well known and invitation only.

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