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Long ago, the Siebenbund mountains were the home of the fourth dwarven kingdom Gol-Tabur, which rivaled the others in size and might. Its people were masters in the arts of arcane magic, and its cities were full of magical wonders unseen in dwarfholds ever since. But one and a half millenniums ago, its archmages apparently summoned something that they couldn't control, and the capitol was destroyed in a single night by otherworldly forces. Most of the terrified survivors from outlying settlements fled the mountain range and moved to the other dwarven kingdoms, bringing the tale of the tragic fall of their home with them. Ever since, the arts of wizardry have been distrusted among dwarves.

The ruins of the capital, now simply named Gulrathur, the "Forsaken City", can still be found below the eastern parts of the Siebenbund. Dwarves shun the region, and most halflings are similarly intimidated by the sinister reputation of the ruins, but a few humans have dared to explore the ruins over the years. Some have found nothing of the supposed devilish inhabitants and returned with a few minor trinkets, but others return scarred for life and whisper of supernatural entities in many forms and disguises - and too many fail to return at all.

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