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Halvesdorf is where much of the heavy industry of Nimdenthal is located. As other cities are better at mass production of ordinary goods, the factories here tend to specialize on the production of one-of-a-kind items, such as components for unique or limited-run golems - including the so-called "helltech" constructs which are powered by imprisoned devils. This has given the district's factories and workshops a reputation for both quality and not being very fussy about where their money comes from. Thus, while Halvesdorf has the same noxious air as its counterparts in other cities, its inhabitants tend to be fairly well off and its neighborhoods are actually safer than much of the rest of Nimdenthal. It is perhaps not surprising that both the main dwarven ghetto and a major colony of dragonkin exist here, as both of these races have an aptitude for heavy labor and suffer less than most others from the air.

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