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Population: 67,331

Thanks to the chaotic magical energies permeating the region, all kinds of deformities are distressingly common among newborn children - anything ranging from dwarfism and giantism, to missing or additional eyes, noses, arms, or even heads. These unfortunates are usually abandoned by their parents. Most die, but a lucky few are found by their fellows, and brought to the community of Haphta, where these "mutants" can live among their own kind. Haphta lies on an island isolated from the rest of the region, and non-mutants are prohibited entry except at a small trading outpost. The mutants seem to live in cooperative anarchy, though the suggestions of a certain group of elders are usually heard.

The mutants face constant prejudice from unaltered humans, and thus tend to stick to their own kind. Rumors of unholy rites done in honor of dark powers abound, as well as stories of "breeding programs" designed to produce ever-stronger mutants. Most of these tales are rather fanciful, and are dismissed by serious scholars. However, it does seem to be true that many of these mutants exhibit sorcerous powers.

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