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Population: 4,396

A fairly isolated coastal village, Harrowhill is the site of the Harrowhill Public School (also often referred to as "Harrowhill" - despite its name, the Harrowhill Public School is, in fact, a private school - something that confuses many people from other regions), where the sons of the rich and powerful of Dartmouth (and more than a few from other cities) attend boarding school away from the dangers and temptations of the big city.

Discipline is strict, and bullying of the younger students by the upperclassmen is frequent. Still, attending this school is seen as vital by the elites of Dartmouth for learning the virtues and discipline necessary to succeed later in life.

Harrowhill is also famous for the ruins of Castle Canadus, the former abode of King Kartias, a paladin who ruled these lands for a time after the fall of the Atalan Empire. He and his order of holy knights were regarded as mythical until the ruins were found five decades ago beneath the hill on which Harrowhill was built. Archaeological expeditions from Dartmouth have throughly explored the ruins and opened up parts for public view, but there are always rumors about secret tunnels, hidden chambers, and ghosts and monsters lurking in the ruins.

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