Heinrich the Ogre
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In the last two years, the bandit groups and other criminals of the Nimdenthal Protectorate have become more organized. They seem to know just where to strike for maximum effect - where to attack a train full of valuables, when to raid an isolated community whose defenders have been distracted, and where to sell their loot for the best prices. And the person who tells them what to do and how to do it is only known as "Henry the Ogre".

Nobody has actually admitted to seeing him (and thus finding out if he is an exceptionally smart ogre, a human, or something else entirely), or else the Amt für Innere Sicherheit would have a far easier time of finding him. He uses runners and intermediaries which fetch his messages from prearranged dead spots. He often coordinates different groups for maximum effect, never telling any of them the full plan. And the smart ones pay him 10% of the loot that he asks for, for his information is invaluable - and those groups that cross him soon end up robbed, caught by the city guards or the Nimdenthal Jäger, or suffer worse fates. His activities have made the bad situation in the city worse, for prices for food and other daily necessities often soar after one of his raids. And his influence spreads further and further - some fear that soon he will be able to choke the lifeblood out of the city in earnest.

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"Heinrich the Ogre" is based on a real world organizer of criminals and mercenaries in the Nigeria Delta called "Henry Okah" (yes, I know - bad pun…). An additional inspiration could be the Joker from The Dark Knight - while Heinrich seems to be primarily interested in profits instead of mayhem and making statements about human nature, his plans should have the same effectiveness as just about everything seems to be going right for the villain. Unless the heroes somehow stop him, of course - but even then they should be exceedingly hard to stop…


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