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Population: 832,745

When the humans of the Verdant Coast threw off their elvish oppressors, many of the elves fled to other elven realms around the world. Their half-elven offspring, who were frequently targeted as well by the humans, were not permitted to follow them. However, the ruler of Helystis at the time happened to be a half-elf as well, and promised a safe refuge to any half-elves who could make it to his city. Many half-elves, including many from regions other than the Verdant Coast, heeded his call, and the city swelled enormously until half-elves became the majority of the population. The influx of so many people with useful skills from many different backgrounds caused the city to prosper, and it was soon regarded as a "half-elven homeland" across the Known Lands.

Unfortunately, the inhabitants overestimated their magical and martial prowess, and after refusing the demands of the League of Armach, the city was attacked and conquered ten years ago. Many of the more rebellious citizens have been put into brutal work camps. Others have slipped out into the nearby Helyswood, from where they wage a campaign of guerrilla warfare against the occupiers.

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