High Castle
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A vast pinnacle of rock with a height in excess of 2,000 feet towers over the landscape here. In earlier times a clan of hobgoblins lived in a castle on the top of the pinnacle and dominated the surrounding lands, but when they apparently died out from infighting, a monastery secretly dedicated to Sarush sprang up in the remains of the castle. When the monks in turn vanished, the Guldenberg family somehow acquired the rights to this location and turned it into a retreat for some of their most privileged guests. In general, its guests do not come here to relax, but to engage in secret negotiations with other important people throughout the Known Lands, and the Guldenbergs make sure that everything that happens in the High Castle is dealt with the uttermost discretion.

It is also rumored that the castle has secret vaults with some of the biggest treasures of the Guldenbergs and their associates. The truth of this is unknown, but many people speculate that since the security in the High Castle is without peer because of the sensitive nature of its guests, hiding priceless artifacts there as well only makes sense. And there are also rumors of all sorts of treasures hidden in its depths by previous owners which have made many people curious. As a result, the place has gained a legendary reputation among thieves and burglars - someone who could legitimately claim: "I robbed the High Castle!" would no doubt be accepted as one of the most famous rogues in history. So far, no one has made a credible claim to this - but it should also be noted that if anyone did manage to successfully break into the castle, they would be well advised to remain quiet about this given the long reach of the Guldenberg family.

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