Hill Cleansers
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The Hill Cleansers are a political movement active in the protectorates surrounding the Gray Hills who object to the policy of the Flannish Cities of dumping their excess population of goblins into these hills. There protests aren't due to any concern about the welfare of the goblins - quite the reverse, as they vehemently reject the idea of goblins living anywhere near their communities, which are usually the first ones to suffer from thefts and attacks by any goblins that manage to escape the reservation. They agitate in the cities to end this policy, and failing that kill any goblins they find - often displaying their severed heads or mutilated bodies on their farms as a warning to others. There are even groups of Hill Cleansers who stage raids into the reservation where they kill any goblins they can find, with the patrols guarding the borders often turning a blind eye to their activities.

Naturally, this is only increasing the desperation of the goblins of the Gray Hills, with ever-growing numbers willing to strike out against their oppressors, no matter what the cost to themselves and their kin.

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