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Population: 1,863,715

This city is famous for its Museum of Art, a gigantic structure several miles in diameter and more than two hundred yards tall at its highest point. Strange objects, pieces of art, and artifacts from all over the world (and even from other worlds) are on display here and under heavy guard. The construction of the museum actually isn't complete yet, but many mages have noticed that it seems to be designed to harness magical energies similar to a nexus tower. However, there are noticeable differences as well, whose true purpose remains unknown. This mystifies many architectural experts to no end, but some have remarked in private that they plan to stay far away from Hogenrood on the day the museum is completed…

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While the various faiths are largely free to operate within Hogenrood, they all must register with the government. Furthermore, the government requires all citizens and residents to register their religious affiliation together with their other personal information. In exchange the various faiths receive the funds of a "faith tax" which is equal to 5% of the believer's income tax and directly collected by the government at the same time as the income tax. Since this represents a significant and regular source of income for most religious organizations, most have accommodated themselves with the status quo and do not criticize the government too harshly. The few religious groups which refuse to register are subject to frequent harassment by the authorities.

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One of the major themes of Hogenrood as I plan to develop it is the government conspiracy. Think of Majestic-12 and all the other conspiracy theories about hidden forces within the government who keep important secrets, abuse their power and use the citizens as it suits their agenda.


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