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The district of Hoiwagen grew gradually around the site of the largest farmer's market of the city and is now becoming increasingly urbanized as more and more cheap apartment blocks for the working classes are constructed here. While the district is not a real slum and remains largely orderly, it is far from lively and most visitors find the drab and uniform construction of the apartment buildings depressing. This suits most of the locals just fine, as they prefer to keep to themselves.

Two years ago, people began to see a gigantic spider with a height of two yards prowling around the area. It doesn't seem to be aggressive during the day, mostly minding its own, inexplicable business, although some people found it staring at them. At night, people who walk around alone frequently vanish, and sometimes their dried-up corpses are found later. Most residents are terrified of the spider, but the authorities do not seem inclined to do something about this and even refuse to acknowledge the spider's existence. Some adventurers have claimed to have slain the spider, but it always seems to return quickly enough, apparently unharmed. Whenever the spider is seen during the day, most people just avert their eyes and move on quickly. At night, they lock their doors tightly.

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