Holdenford Fort
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This fort has been built around a large cave complex several miles away from the city and is protected by some of the best soldiers in the Flannish Cities. Technically a part of the Praxus Protectorate, those with the right connections say that the fort is controlled by a joint effort of several major city-states in the Flannish Cities. Beyond that, information as to its purpose is kept very quiet. Some hypothesize that the fort is really protecting the area around the cave, preventing some monster from escaping, while others claim that the cave is a coincidence, and the fort is merely a meeting place for dignitaries to gather.

The fort is protecting a joint effort to maintain key teleportation circles available in case of attack. The teleportation circles were built inside of the cave, following earlier designs shown to be effective, and "fail-safe" devices were placed above so they could be buried immediately if they fell under the wrong hands.

Holdenford Fort maintains constant open communication between the other teleportation centers throughout the nation using magical communication devices.

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