Horned Man
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Lord of Faerie, King of the Woods, The Great Stag

Co-ruler of the Fair Folk, the Seelie Court, and the plane of Faerie together with his consort, the Silver Lady, the Horned Man is the patron of all the wild places where the fey gather. He demands the respect his power is due, and his worshipers and Fair Folk followers do likewise. He is a creature of primal passions, and chases drink, companions (both female and male), and quarries on his legendary hunts with equal abandon. His Wild Hunt is told of in garbled legends throughout the North of the Known Lands, and his anger is great when one of his desires is thwarted. This recently led to his rejection of the sidhe noble houses of Tuvareen, whose patron he was. The anger of the sidhe over his rejection of them has led to a significant decline in his worship among them, though he hasn't broken with the sidhe noble houses of Avareen (including the royal house of Queen Arwanna).

Among rural humans, he is often worshiped as a male fertility deity and appeased with a variety of debauched rites to ensure a fertile harvest, despite the best efforts of the faith of Kortus to supplant these practices. Some of these rites have also become popular among fraternities of university students as of late, whose leaders dress up wearing stag skulls and furs for their own initiation rites.

The commands of the Horned Man are simple:

  • Obey the laws and customs of the Seelie Court.
  • Never break your given word.
  • Feast, hunt, and be merry, for the bounties of the world are yours for the taking.

His symbol is a stag's skull.

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