Hounds of Cryelis
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Graves and tombs are sacred to Cryelis, yet there will always be those willing to despoil them out of greed or expediency. The ancient order of knights known as the Hounds of Cyrelis is dedicated to hunting down the despoilers of such sites and bringing them to an early graves themselves, as well as returning any plundered grave goods in order to appease the angry dead.

One major enemy of the order are the undead abominations known as ghouls who feast upon the dead and often build their warrens between graveyards. And in the modern age, there are far too many self-described "explorers" who travel to distant lands, dig up the local graves, and upon their return boast of their deeds and put up their finds into museums or private collections. These, too, must be punished for their crimes.

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