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Stretching west from Grüngarten along the shores of the river Hovel until it reaches the Praxus Protectorate, the Hovelgau is the largest wine area of the Flannish Cities. It was one of the more densely settled areas in the north during the times of the Atalan Empire, as the Atalans appreciated the warm climate of the region, and many old ruins can be found here which date back to this time. The Atalans also introduced the worship of Norol, and many local cults have thrived here uninterrupted since those days, often in competition to the cults of Kortus which are more popular in the rest of the Grüngarten Protectorate. Some villages have public wine festivals in Norol's name which are popular tourists attractions, while others celebrate private rites in old ruins hidden within the vineyards, which involve drunken orgies and worse if the rumors are believed. To these, outsiders are emphatically not invited.

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