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Population: 52,973

Located close to the Hobgoblin Dominions, Iasril is the most martial settlement of Avareen. Its inhabitants constantly train themselves in the arts of warfare, and prestige is measured by their ability to sneak across the border and kill as many hobgoblin warriors as possible.

The city is also famous for its bone carvings, an art which most of the warriors of the city indulge in in their spare time. These generally show a high degree of artistry, and many are also used as components for musical instruments. These carvings have reached a fame far beyond the borders of Avareen, and represents one of the most popular exports of the kingdom.

What's less publicized about these bone carvings (though well known among hobgoblins) is that the favorite raw material are bones from goblins and hobgoblins brought back from the Dominion by the warriors (they only take the bones, and leave the rest of the corpse behind to terrify the inhabitants). Most human purchasers of these bone carvings do not know this, but among those who do, some even gather very large collections of these ghoulish items.

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It's not that elves and sidhe are less savage than other races. It's just that they are more stylish in their savagery…


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