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Despite the best efforts of the Astromantic Society, no human has ever visited the world of Ilsur and survived. After a series of experiments with frequently catastrophic results, they were at least able to tell from returned objects that any matter inside the planet's atmosphere is subject to intense pressure unlike any other found in space. This is perhaps not surprising, as Ilsur is of staggering size - according to calculations, one thousand worlds the size of Rothea could easily vanish in its swirling clouds.

A ring of rocks and dust circles Ilsur, which is visible from Rothea under optimal observation conditions. It is also known that several large moons circle this world. The three largest, called Hinas, Tyar, and Illos, have been visited by explorers of the Astromantic Society, but factual knowledge about them is still scarce.

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A gas giant, obviously, and the equivalent of Jupiter and Saturn in our solar system.


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