Inverted Circle
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Below the Harvel Hills a powerful demonic entity slumbers. It can be contacted by those who know the right rituals, and it is willing to grant immortality to those who contact it - but for a price: In exchange for immortality, an infant whose parents are blood siblings must be sacrificed to it every seven years. If that teind is not paid, the person bound by the contract will resume aging and "catch up" to his lost years within a single day - to his demise, if he has cheated death beyond his alloted span of years.

The Inverted Circle is a group of currently a dozen people who all have made a contract with this entity. They mostly exist for mutual support when trying to find - and arrange for - the kind of sacrifices the entity demands, but as they already share secrets that would damn them all, they also find it useful to work together in their quests for power in whatever form it might take. Those of them who are not wealthy and influential in the Lands of the Dead have other talents to make up for it, and together their influence behind the scenes is vast - and they are willing to kill anyone who comes even close to uncovering their dark secrets.

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