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Population: 723,521

Irda is infamous for how its draconic ruler Amarask controls its citizens, for she has instituted a breeding program where her subjects are paired off in ways that she deems most auspicious according to her divinations. Sometimes these marriages are announced years ahead of the event (even shortly after birth in some cases), but sometimes only shortly before the event (which is always held at what she considers an auspicious time and date). The couple will customarily receive gifts - monetary or otherwise - after the ceremony, and these gifts can be very generous indeed depending on how important Amarask considers this union. However, she does not take rejection lightly, and anyone who refuses to bow down to her in this matter - by refusing to marry their appointed mate, or by engaging in sexual relationships outside these marriages - earns her wrath. Sterilization and enslavement is the most common punishment, though magical mind control to ensue faithfulness is sometimes used if she considers the union important enough. In some cases, she has eaten the offenders alive.

In most cases, the chosen couples are reasonably compatible in terms of temperament, so the citizens for the most part accept their fate. However, sometimes visitors to the city are chosen for such marriages as well, and are not permitted to leave the city until they have been married. For this reason, most traders avoid Irda.

Adventure Ideas

  • When traveling to Irda, one of the PCs is told that in two weeks he is scheduled to marry a local he or she has never met before. The wedding gift by Amarask is unusually large (it should be enough to impress a character of the PC's level), which signifies the dragon's interest in the union. Does the PC accept the marriage (and the money), or does he or she attempt to flee and risk the wrath of the dragon?

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