Island Turtle

It is a well known fact that turtles continue to grow throughout their lives. A certain species of ocean dwelling turtle takes this to its logical extreme - they do not die of old age, but just continue to get bigger until they reach colossal sizes, with the largest known specimens having a length of several miles. Gas bladders develop within their bodies that simultaneously keep them afloat and prevent them from diving. Instead they swim around on the surface and simply eat anything that floats into their mouths.

Entire ecologies develop on the back of these turtles, and it is not uncommon for groups of humans or other thinking beings to live on one. Some of these groups have learned to communicate with the turtle and even steer it, and they use this to travel along the coast and across the oceans, and to trade with many coastal cities in turn.

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Yes, it's whimsical. But every setting should have some whimsical elements. Besides, they represent some very cool scenery, and in the end, isn't that what matters?


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