Isle Of The Black Priests
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This island off the coast is shrouded in rumors. Eerie lights can be seen at times at night, and fishermen who get too close to it (something which most take care to avoid at all costs) swear that they can hear inhuman screams from time to time. The inhabitants of the island are reputed to be the so-called "Black Priests" - humanoids wrapped in dark robes that obscure all their features.

Few have ever seen these beings. But it is said that if you ask around in certain parts of the big cities, you can buy talismans made out of a strange metal. If you break these talismans anywhere on the coast of the Lands of the Dead on the night of the new moon, a metal ship with these priests will arrive within the hour. They will buy any sapient prisoners you have with you for 108 gold pieces of a peculiar design each. Those prisoners are loaded into their ship, and are never seen again by mortal eyes.

It is said that those who call them but do not have any prisoners to offer or otherwise attempt to trick them are themselves taken prisoner and shipped to the island.

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