Isle of Unseen Voices
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Lying in the tropical regions of the World's End Archipelago, the Isle of Unseen Voices is given a wide berth by tribes on nearby islands, as they believe it to be haunted by evil spirits. However, an expedition from Rondhaven recently discovered that the island is inhabited by some race of humanoid beings which are naturally invisible, and which can only be detected when they carry something (including clothing, which they normally spurn) or when they interact with the environment in some other way (for example, during the heavy rainfalls which are common in the evenings, their outlines are clearly visible thanks to the raindrops running down their bodies). They used their invisibility to scare off outsiders and thus live in isolation from the rest of the world.

However, the report of the first expedition has sparked excitement, and now further expeditions are on the way which want to study them further, and possibly exploit their invisibility. Some of the expedition leaders hope that some of them can be convinced to come with them to their city-states and work for them (possibly as spies and mercenaries), but others might not hold out for voluntary cooperation and have little hesitation of kidnapping or even killing some of the Invisible Tribe to discover the secret of their invisibility.

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