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Population: 712,321

Home of most of the loremasters of Gol Grungor, Izdûl houses the all-important archives of the kingdom. The laws, family lines, and histories are carved in the walls of its vast halls so that they may be preserved for all eternity. While the dwarves do use paper, they generally feel that it is too flimsy to hold anything of true importance, and so most of the important information is preserved on slabs of stone.

Izdûl is also famous for its operas, an art form invented by dwarves and only later introduced to humans by expatriates from the kingdom. The operas of this cities have played almost unchanged for many centuries - millenniums in the more extreme cases - and commemorate the great battles, heroes, and tragedies of the past. It is said that no true dwarf can watch them and stay unmoved.

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