Jeremy Wade
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One of the inmates of the Wyvern's Cliff Sanatorium for the Weary Mind, Jeremy Wade is the great grandson of a noted explorer of southern lands, especially Malundi and the Star Mountains. Until recently he has led a rather unremarkable life as a scion of a well-to-do patrician family, but he gained notoriety last year when he attacked and killed the ambassador sent by the Valley of the White Apes - a hidden civilization of sapient apes discovered by none other than his ancestor. As a result, he was declared insane and put into the Sanatorium.

What nobody realizes is the reason for his breakdown. As the celebrations for the receptions of the ambassador drew near, Jeremy began to obsessively research his family history, and he was driven to learn the identity of the "veiled bride" his ancestor brought with him from one of his expeditions - his great grandmother who never appeared in public unveiled. Finally, he opened the family crypts and her sarcophagus - and discovered that she actually was one of the mysterious "white apes"! This shock drove him into self-loathing, which in turn became a loathing for all the white apes and their spawn, triggering the attack on the ambassador.

But after spending a year in the Sanatorium, Jeremy has calmed down a lot - which does not mean he has returned to sanity. When he believes himself unobserved, he practices the psionic powers that the encounter with the ambassador seem to have triggered in him. Soon, he will arrange his release. And from that moment on, he will dedicate his life to destroying every living white ape and their descendants in whatever way he can. The new expedition to the Valley of the White Apes currently being planned might be useful for his plans…

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Stolen quite blatantly from H. P. Lovecraft.


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