Jillie's Bend
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Full of foul-smelling factories, and within range of the oppressive Spelsburg nexus tower, most people who live in Jillie's Bend are too poor to move elsewhere in the city. Most of the employees at these factories are work crews from the Spelsburg Work Campus, escorted at all times by their supervisors; The others employees might as well be prisoners - the wages are so low that they can only afford to live here in Jillie's Bend or in one of the other slum areas of the city.

Fortunately for the factory managers, their offices are generally protected from the influence of the nexus tower and most of them make enough gold to ensure that they can reside elsewhere.

Most of the homes are small lean-tos or ramshackle huts built against the Spelsburg outer wall or a factory wall for support. Because of this, PBD inspectors are often threatening to demolish these homes due to lack of compliance to the Praxus Standards. However, since no one is willing to build better housing in the area, these threats generally fall flat.

Residents here also rally together against the PBD or the Constabulary at the leadership of a strange young woman who claims to be the "Rightful Empress", true heir of the Flannish throne. Rumors leaked from factory workers, the PBD and the Constabulary claim that she is merely a charismatic, but filthy vagrant, looking to upset the city's peace, but a few who have spoken with her come away preaching that the true heir has been found.

List of Jillie'd Bend Locations

Adventure Ideas

  • The heroes are sent to investigate/break-up/assassinate/infiltrate a "terrorist group" that has been forming under the leadership of a woman claiming to be the true heir to the Flannish Throne. They have prevented PBD from operating in several areas of the city and are growing more and more organized. They have even threatened to release prisoners from the Spelsburg Work Campus to increase the strength of their "militia."

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