Jocobson's Leatherworks

If you spend enough time at the right taverns or shops around Praxus, whispers of a monthly brawling contest will be heard. These illegal brawls are organized not for prizes or gold, but to settle arguments between those who prefer to settle things with violence, although occasionally one fighter will pay another a disputed amount (this being the focus of their argument) because of the outcome. The CCP and other city organizations overlook the fights as long as they do not attract negative attention to the city. The unofficial government opinion claims that these events prevent brawls from occurring in taverns or city streets where property damage and injuries to bystanders can occur. It is rumored that even members of the CCP and Praxus militia resolve argument with each other here.

The fights generally begin in the evening just after sunset and take place on the main floor of Harolde Jocobsin's foul smelling Leatherworks in Jillie's Bend. Fighters agree on rules beforehand, but the most common rules allow for no weapons of any kind and submission or unconsciousness as a losing condition. They continue until all the arguments of the month have been "resolved." Harolde knows that the unnamed organization meets here, but denies any knowledge if asked about it.

The factory itself it dangerous, with tools, hides, and chemicals stored all over, but the organizers insure that the match does not end in death unless the sparring partners agreed to this beforehand. Death matches are frowned on in general, as too many deaths would bring down the law, but they will be allowed if the situation dictates it.

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