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Population: 51,443

Though its mines are relatively poor when compared to other regions, the mining town of Joro provides most of the ore needed by the inhabitants of the Verdant Coast. But with the Grand Road project nearing completion, the mines are worked harder than ever to provide the iron needed for the railway, and mining accidents are increasingly common.

Recently, a large number of expatriate dwarves from Gol Murak have been brought in to accelerate the mining process, and despite the fact that most of the dwarves are too old or infirm to serve as fighters in the war that country is involved in, they are working faster and harder than the humans. This has caused no little resentment, especially since the human miners know that once the Grand Road is completed, the Verdant Coast will have access to the bountiful mines of Gol Murak and they will loose their job as the mines become too expensive to maintain.

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