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Population: 60,341

Thirty years ago Millian Hedwell, an ambitious wizard from Dartmouth, developed the theory that it should be possible to build a large surface settlement very close to the Stormheart, as long as it was protected by a nexus tower which would shield it from the elements. He was initially laughed at, and even when he finally found some backers for this ambitious scheme, he suffered several setbacks, including a catastrophic magical failure that led to the destruction of an earlier settlement through a storm flare (he escaped thanks to a timely teleport spell). Still, he never gave up, and eight years ago his efforts were rewarded by a settlement that was finally safe from the storm, but close enough to a large number of promising ore fields to attract a large number of prospectors.

The community has grown rapidly and become one of the favorite safe havens of the prospectors - not only has it a reputable bank to store any riches they might have acquired, but also a large number of bars, casinos, and brothels to help them spend it. Now the city even attracts a fair number of curious visitors from other regions who want to see the storm up close - without being exposed to any danger!

Hedwell's latest project is building an underground railroad to safer areas, which would allow fast, safe, and reliable transport of the ores out of the region. However, this is met with stong opposition from the rulers of Kolchov, who would prefer to maintain their monopoly.

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