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One of the many botanical gardens in Parkhausen, the Kakteengarten is enclosed entirely in greenhouse complex to maintain a dry atmosphere specializes in cacti and other plants with prominent thorns, including some carnivorous specimens from far-away lands as well as a side building with desert plans from Surtus. It has gained some notoriety in recent months because an unknown person started to pin small mammals (such as mice, rats, cats, and small dogs) to the larger cacti which had thorns long and sturdy enough to impale them, and this has attracted further visitors more interested in these gruesome displays (which are removed as quickly as they can by the gardeners) than the plant species themselves.

However, this activity recently moved beyond vile pranks when a homeless member of the local Lumpen was found dead and impaled on a specimen of narada giganta, the largest cactus on display. The city guard is investigating the murder, but so far have no leads.

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