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Population: 1,253,769

Kalab lies close to the border to the Hobgoblin Dominions, and has a large minority of hobgoblins who live here. The High War Council has frequently commented that the hobgoblins who live there should be "brought back into the Dominion". League diplomats skillfully played on the fears of invasion that loomed large in the minds of the Kalab city council to bring that city into the League five years ago.

This might backfire on the League, however, since now the city council feels it has nothing to fear from the Dominion, and started to persecute the hobgoblin residents. The property of many hobgoblins was confiscated, and they were driven into crowded ghettos. "Random street violence" against them became common. Now the hobgoblins are beginning to show organized resistance (possibly with covert Dominionite aid) to the oppression, which in turn has caused the city council to crack down on them even further (and once councilwoman was quoted as saying "Let's just get this over with and kill the lot of them!").

Meanwhile, the High War Council have stated that they won't permit this oppression of fellow hobgoblins to degenerate even further, and have threatened to send in soldiers to protect them. Since the League Council of Equals is treaty bound to protect Kalab, but doesn't want an all-out war with the roughly equally strong Dominions at this point (not while there are still smaller realms and city-states to be conquered), League diplomats are working overtime to come to some kind of peaceful solution to this dilemma.

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