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A small island in the Lake of Dreams, Karakos used to be uninhabited for a long time, though old ruins hint of previous habitation. Then in 1310 NA a shipwreck occurred near it, and the only survivors were a pair of siblings who managed to get ashore. They struggled to survive, catching fish and local wildlife as well as gathering fruits and the wild grain growing here, and eventually managed to rediscover the principles of agriculture to sustain them. And as the years passed and it became clear that no other ships would come close enough to rescue them, they lived as husband and wife.

And their descendants live on the island still, a small, isolated community of what the rest of the region considers malformed freaks, for most have some sort of deformity in body or mind thanks to their incestuous heritage. Those with the worst deformities are exiled to the cavern complex below the surface, largely subsisting on the food their surface kin bring to them periodically. Only a few sailors trade with them for the items they cannot produce themselves, and they largely remain ignorant of the wider world. However, a split is developing among the inhabitants, with some wishing to contact the wider world to gain spouses with fresh blood, while others arguing for continued isolation from the wickedness of other realms. As few people from elsewhere would willingly want to move to Karakos even if invited, the argument is mostly moot for the time being - but any possible survivors from new shipwrecks appearing on the island would certainly spark a major conflict with them caught in the middle, and as the island has no ships of its own, they have no way of escape until the next trader appears - and even then it is uncertain whether the inhabitants would let them go…

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