Karri Langhügel
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The Speaker for the halfling community of Nimdenthal, Karri Langhügel largely uses his position to boost the power and influence of the Spring Seeds sect of the faith of Kortus, of which he is the local high priest. To this end, he encourages halflings to move out of the city itself and into the Spring Seed communal farms in the Nimdenthal Protectorate and to have as many children as possible there. He has used his power to funnel additional funds to these farms, manipulate the markets to increase their profits from the sale of agricultural products, harass the farms and plantations not owned and run by the halflings, and increasing tariffs on foreign foodstuffs - hopefully leading to a situation where the halflings have a virtual monopoly on producing the food the city needs.. Whenever he ends up having the tie-breaking vote in the City Council, he never breaks the tie in one way or another unless one side offers him concessions to his cause - a behavior that has instilled a strong hatred of him among several fellow speakers, but he seems unfazed by their opposition. He only cares about those who are members of his flock, and the city itself can rot as far as he is concerned.

However, lately he is beginning to have second thoughts. As the number of outlaws in the Protectorate increases and his farms are coming under increased attack, he finds that he might have needed friends on the Council after all. To compensate, he hires mercenaries and adventurers out of his own not inconsiderable pockets to protect the halfling community, but he realizes that he needs a more permanent solution.

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