Kees Kevers
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A scion of a minor local patrician family, Kees Kevers has spent most of his dwindling inheritance on gathering one of the largest private collections of spiders in the Flannish Cities, paying well for exotic specimens from far-off lands (and even including several spider-analogues from other planets in his collections). He is often consulted as an expert on all things arachnid, and he uses the payments from such consulting work to support his collection, although he refuses to help if he believes that his knowledge will be used to kill spiders. Furthermore, he is a somewhat talented artist and his illustrations of spiders tend to be well-received, further supporting his income. Most people give him a wide berth, however, as it is clear that he is a man obsessed and doesn't care about anything that doesn't have to do with his eight-legged friends.

Currently, he is particularly obsessed with the Great Spider prowling Hoiwagen, the district he lives in. Whereas most residents ignore it and pretend that it doesn't exist, Kees actively seeks it out, believing the spider calls to him. Indeed, some have claimed (usually after a few drinks) that he talks to it while the spider watches him. What they talk about, no one can say.

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