Population: 2,579,220

Many surathi are obsessed with breeding programs. The ruling Zeshkel family of Kelzech just takes this obsession further than most.

Each year, a series of games is held in Kelzech, in which any member of a humanoid species can participate - surathi, human, hobgoblin, and so on. Even slaves are permitted to enter - by law, their owners cannot prevent them from doing so. The contestants must face a series of trials that range from simple one-on-one fights against other aspirants to complicated mental puzzles. The high points are various "team games" where the contestants must work together in small groups to succeed - and be ready to betray them moments later when it becomes convenient. Contestants are frequently maimed or killed, but any non-lethal injuries will be healed by surathi priests (though accepting such healing is grounds for disqualification). No magic or psionic powers of any kind are allowed in the contest on pain of death.

The three best placed contestants are showered with wealth (and given freedom, in the case of slaves). The overall winner is expected to marry into the royal family of Kelzech, and a suitable mate will be selected for him or her by the family elders. Note that the Zeshkels will not take "no" for an answer from the contest winner. In their view, he or she has proven to be suitable for breeding purposes, and they will not permit that person to get away. If that person tries to flee, they will psionically enslave this person and use him or her as breeding stock anyway.

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