Knights of the Chalice
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The Knights of the Chalice are a secret society of Jorunnos worshipers. Like other followers of that deity they have embarked on a grand quest - in their case, the quest is nothing less than attaining rulership over the entire world. The true age of the society is unknown, but they have persisted since the Feudal Ages at the very least. The Knights have always recruited among those who already have significant power - but who are ambitious enough to yearn for far more. Occasionally there are renegades who attempt to warn the world about the Knights, but so far only rumors and conspiracy theories persist which most people don't take seriously. This has allowed the Knights to control numerous organizations from behind the scenes, ever enlarging their influence.

Initiation involves all present members pricking their index fingers and letting a drop of blood fall into a golden chalice (rumored to be an artifact of Jorunnos, possibly even his Grail) filled with wine. All members then drink a sip from the chalice and swear a blood oath never to betray each other.

While generally the Knights of the Chalice prefer to hide behind other front groups which they manipulate to do their bidding, it is rumored that they have elite enforcers named "Myrmidons" which are allegedly "enhanced" via alchemical rituals involving pure azoth.

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What, you thought all followers of a god of obsessiveness were harmless? ;-)


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