Kobolds are small, reptiloid humanoids rarely standing more than one yard in height. They are believed to have the same evolutionary origin as dragons, as evidenced by the small, vestigal wing bones found next to the shoulders within their skeletons. In rare individuals, these can be pronounced enough to manifest outside the bodies, connected with small flaps of skin to the shoulders. There are rumors of throwbacks with wings large enough for gliding, or even entire tribes of winged kobolds living within the Star Mountains, but no specimen - dead or alive - has been recovered so far despite substantial bounties by interested scholars and academies.

Kobolds are generally regarded as pests rather than a civilized races, and outside of the Great Southern Chaos they have not been observed to form communities larger than small tribes. Possibly due to strong predation by dragons in prehistoric times, they tend to display agoraphobic tendencies and prefer to remain in underground dwellings during the day, only emerging at night. They are the most comfortable in warm and humid climates. In northern regions, they tend to hide near buildings with good heating, such as factories, laundries, and similar locales. At night, they leave their nests and spread out to scavenge in the surrounding areas, making sure with traps and hidden tunnels that exterminators cannot find their hideouts.

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