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Population: 180,334

About two hundred years ago, a major flare of the storm reached this region and transformed it beyond recognition - but when the storm retreated, vast mineral wealth was left behind. A wealthy merchant from Gorchov named Michael Kolchov decided to exploit these resources in a systematic manner, and used his considerable wealth to found the town that bears his name.

Today his descendants are the undisputed rulers of this region, and use massive slave labor to peel back one layer of the earth after the other to gain access to the riches below. Slaves perish daily under the brutal labor, while the corrupt Kolchovs and their cronies party as if there was no tomorrow - which might very well be the case, if the Eternal Storm once more breaks loose here.

After Gorchov was conquered by the Tsan Empire, Kolchov quickly became a refuge for all sorts of rebels from that region. The senior members of the Kolchov family are none too happy about these people, since their activities might draw the ire of the rulers of the Sunset Province. However, others in the family - especially those with little political power in the city - support them enthusiastically.

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