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Generally referred to as The Kopje, this steep hill rises 180 yards above the plains between Rondhaven and Hogenrood. In old times it used to be a lookout point which was used to warn Rondhaven of advancing armies. Now it serves as a relay point for the optical telegraph line between the two cities. Furthermore, a large monastery was built into its sides which houses one of the world's largest collections of religious texts, including many which were condemned by religious or secular authorities. Scholars are welcome to visit and use its libraries, though access to the rarer volumes will require donations of money or additional rare texts.

Possibly more famous than the library itself is the Guardian, a construct or earth spirit (it is hard to say which) that appears as a polished sphere of granite with a diameter of 6 feet. It is seemingly self-aware and can perceive its surroundings despite having no visible sensory organs and can move astonishingly quietly for its size. It can also travel through earth and stone (which the monastery was build out of) and more than one visitor was startled when he suddenly discovered that the Guardian was closely behind him, seemingly observing him. What's more, the Guardian seems to know whenever something was stolen from the library and tracks the thief unerringly, even over long distances. More than one would-be thief was discovered a long distance away, reduced to a smear of blood and pulverized bones on the ground, with the stolen item soon reappearing in the library as if nothing happened.

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