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Also known as the "Dark Rider", Korzech is the terror of the occupiers and their sympathizers. From dusk to dawn, he rides the vast plains of Gorchov and hunts the soldiers of the Tsan Empire, striking fast and furiously and then vanishing again. Despite the best efforts of Wuanlong and his subordinates, all they have ever been able to find are abandoned lairs - his main lair has not been found yet. It is suspected that he teleports from place to place, and magically conjures a steed to take him where he needs to go.

While his savagery is legendary, he does have a sentimental streak, and he does refrain from preying on poor native Gorchovrites who haven't collaborated with the occupiers. If he hears of people victimized by the soldiers of the Sunset Province, he might even give them some of the treasure he has plundered during his raids. As a result, many in the Resistance look up to him as one of their leaders.

However, while he does demand (and get) the respect of the rebels and is undoubtedly tactically brilliant, he is incapable of making strategic plans on how to remove the occupiers. He is a terror in the night, more of a force of nature than a man, and can only destroy, not build up.

And that's just how he likes it.

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