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A small, but powerful clan, Clan Krenthush has been breeding and training wyverns for centuries. The city of Lamash serves as their base of operations and is well-known for the breeding and training of wyvern-riders. Originally overlooked as too specialized and weak, Clan Krenthush's Wyvern-riders have proven themselves in battles over and over and have thus earned a place in the High War Council. The clan leadership is trying to expand their influence in the council and sees both Umgazu and Mugrash as rivals. Some clan leaders argue for a campaign to join Clan Umgazû and their wolf-riders with Clan Krenthush, making their influence event greater, but this plan has not been brought to fruition and Clan Umgazû would most likely view this as an attack on their clan leadership.

Clan Krenthush's insignia is a grey wyvern claw.

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