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Population: 21,043

If a daring explorer were to venture in the deepest swamp, past numerous wild kobold tribes, he might find a strange hill with almost bony-looking ridges surrounded by numerous primitive huts occupied by kobolds. If he could get close enough to that hill to actually touch it, he might be able to notice that the hill ever so slightly moves up and downwards in a regular rhythm - and if he were to press his ear against it, he would hear a slow but deep beating of a mighty heart.

This hill an ancient, gargantuan primordial creature which unknown to the world at large has chosen this swamp to slumber for many centuries. The kobolds found it slumbering there, and found that if they cut it with a large magical knife that had been passed from chieftain to chieftain for uncountable generations, they were able to cut chunks of meat from a wound that closes almost instantly.

They worship the slumbering giant as the "Great Provider", as it provides them with almost limitless food. They will be the first to die on the day It awakens, but not the last.

Adventure Ideas

  • King of the Monsters: A rich merchant lord from Dartmouth has heard of the slumbering creature and plans to capture the slumbering beast and transport it to Dartmouth, where he wants it to star in the World Magic Exhibition. He acquires what he thinks is the necessary magical equipment to transport it, but he hires some help - the PCs, among others - that will be able to deal with the hostile environment and the natives of the Great Southern Chaos. He only tells them that he intends to capture some sort of giant reptilian beast of the far south without giving further details.

After many perils, the group arrives at the location. Now that they know the truth about and the sheer size of the creature, will they still help him? And if they do, how do they deal with the kobolds who will defend their "deity" - and is the magical equipment the party brought really sufficient for such a task?

And if against all the odds they manage to transport the sleeping monster to Dartmouth and get paid, what will they do once the creature awakens and rampages through the city?

Designer's Notes & Resources

Originally, this creature was intended to be the Tarrasque - but that creature is no longer in the D&D 4E SRD.


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