Kuranku Harpar
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Population: 623,221

Kuranku Harpar is one of the largest cities on the southwestern coast of Ranya, thanks to its vast harbor which allows it to host a vast fishing fleet and receive numerous merchant vessels from all over Rothea. However, for the last decade it has suffered from a strange curse - on the three nights of the full moon a horde of monkeys emerges from the nearby jungles, rampaging through the city and killing everyone in its path. While many have already fled the city, the wealth the city offers has prevented its complete abandonment, and now most of the inhabitants evacuate to a small chain of islands just outside of the city on these three nights, the bridges leading to them having been altered so that they can be pulled up behind the evacuees. Needless to say, the islands get very cramped and it is not uncommon for latecomers to be crushed to death during the evacuation. Those who own ships or who can afford to hire them simply take to the sea instead - with some citizens even having built house boats to allow them to live on the ocean permanently.

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