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Population: 1,746,331

Located at the mouth of the Vuovi river, Kurova is the largest city in the Lands of the Dead. It dominates the Kurova Bay both politically and economically, and has become relatively wealthy by the standards of the region - although it remains poor by the standards of more advanced regions such as the Flannish Cities.

The local barons ruling the city tend to be fairly self-conscious about the backwardness of their home, and thus frequently send their sons abroad for their education so that they will have fresh ideas for modernizing Kurova when they ascend to the throne. The previous baron was fascinated by the architecture he found among the Flannish Cities and wasted large parts of his treasury to buy old buildings from that region which were about to be torn down and transport them piecemeal to Kurova so that they could be rebuilt there. The current baron, Vaclav Kurovy, is no different - he studied psychology in Hagenzell and came home with the notion that all crime is the result of mental diseases that must be cured, and not a conscious choice that must be punished. As a result, he has abolished the prisons of the city and instead build several mental asylums where those who break the law undergo "correction" until the authorities running the asylums are sure that they will no longer repeat their crimes and can be safely released.

In general, the duration of the stay will correspond to the severity of the crime committed - someone who has committed a murder will receive a lengthier therapy than a mere pickpocket. However, this is not universal - ultimately, the duration of one's stay is solely based on the discretion of the doctors reviewing one's case, and a "patient" has no way of knowing he will have to stay until the day he is pronounced "cured". This has made most citizens absolutely terrified of getting arrested, since they might stay imprisoned for many years for the most trivial reasons.

It doesn't help that the baron has had a hard time getting enough qualified staff for his asylums. While he has recruited some genuinely capable people - many of them from other regions - far more are undereducated thugs who barely know the basic principles of psychology. Far too many enjoy abusing and torturing the inmates in the name of "therapy", and others take bribes in return for perks or earlier releases. The Baron remains blind to these abuses, and believes that any problems are caused "by a few bad apples". He spends most of his time researching a few special patients with truly interesting mental problems, and leaves both running the city and the rest of the asylums to his underlings.

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