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The Lachengrund is a district of Nimdenthal barely lying above the water level of the nearby Nimdensee lake. It was originally a marshland, and while most of the small hills jutting out of it have been fortified to provide solid ground for permanent habitation, draining the entire marsh had not been possible - especially after the Nimdensee was dammed.

The hills closest to the lake are generally considered the nicest areas, as they have a great view of the lake and several marinas serving the boats owned by the patricians of the city. Further away from the lake the residents become poorer, with the wealthiest inhabitants living near the top of the hills and the poorest living in primitive huts on stills above the marsh itself. Many ethnic enclaves exist here, which each group concentrating on one particular hill (or several nearby ones).

In addition to other vermin, in recent years sewer squids have been rapidly spreading through the marshes. What caused them to be introduced to a habitat so far from the Great Western Ocean is unknown.

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