Lake of Dreams
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"While I lived in squalor in a lice-infested hovel during the day, I was a Prince of Men in my dreams - and the other people of Alanthos were the most valiant knights and the most beautiful of damsels imaginable. We dueled, we romanced, we celebrated every night. We fought terrible monsters - but never so terrible that we couldn't defeat them. We made vows of eternal love and friendship under the starry night sky, and neglected to care of our bodies during the day - for what else was day but a tedious distraction from the glories of the night? Only the dim awareness that our death during the day would end our nightly adventures even compelled us to work for our food and clothing, but rarely more than necessary…
[…] When my old companions finally found and apprehended me, I fought and cursed them all the way to Bodenwald. It took me a long time to recover from my ordeal, and even now, despite the fact that I see those dreams for the sham that they are, a part of me still yearns for those dreams of glory…"
- Hermann Hasse, Between Day and Night - Exploring the lands of the Lake of Dreams, Neuer Weltverlag (1418)

Population: 20,563,650 (humans 68%, hobgoblins 12%, gnomes 8%, halflings 4%, dwarves 4%, elves 3%)
Government: Varies by city-state
Imports: Iron, slaves
Exports: Drugs, silk, spices

The Lake of Dreams region is where human civilization started. The oldest continuously inhabited cities can be found here, but they are outnumbered by the ruins of cities that had been deserted through warfare, disaster, or a change of climate. The glory days of its cities are long over, and most of their inhabitants have retreated from the world and stay occupied with their own affairs. The entire region has a dream-like quality, and it has been said that the Lake's waters can induce potent visions in some areas.



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Numerous ruins dot the landscape, beckoning the bold explorer to seek them out for fame and fortune.

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This region is based on the history of the Mediterranean.


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