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The Lakefolk are several extended clans of halflings who travel the waters of the Great Lake and the rivers connected to it on large barges on which entire families live. Unlike their Siebenbund cousins to the south, they prefer to travel from place to place throughout their lives instead of settling down in a single location. They make a living from fishing and trading among the various communities bordering the lake, and take care to stay on good terms with all of them. Many owe them favors, especially expatriate dwarves who escaped Gol Grungor via the lake and only survived because a nearby halfling barge spotted their own ramshackle constructions.

Each year, a large number of barges meet at a changing location on the Great Lake. This "Lake Moot" is a time of intense celebrations, swapping of stories, and frequently an occasion of intermarriage between the clans. Only a few outsiders who have earned the trust of the clans are permitted to participate in these meetings.

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