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Another possible site for long-lost Oreanor, the sunken continent of Lamar is a well-known legend in Ranya and along the eastern coasts of the Veldtland. It was allegedly inhabited by the ancestors of the modern races - by one-eyed giants who laid eggs, if some of the more fanciful legends are to believed. Their libraries contained all knowledge of the past and future, and their books were not stored on paper but inside of enchanted crystals.

The legends further claim that they worshipped three million stern and unforgiving gods in the form of grotesque golden idols, and their continent was sunk when they accidentally offended the least of these gods in their rituals. From time to time, strange golden idols are still found on the shores of the ocean where Lamar is believed to have sunk, and the wise will leave these idols alone.

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  • Based on the hypothetical sunken continent of Lemuria


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