Lambent Box
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Found primarily within ancient ruins on Surtus (though a few have been recovered from remote wilderness locations), Lambent Boxes are cubes with a width of approximately one foot. Their surfaces have a metallic sheen - although they do not weigh enough to be solid blocks of metal - and they are highly resistant to damage. So far, none of them have been broken open by mundane force, and those who have access to forces that might be capable of cracking them open have been reluctant to destroy such interesting items.

Their name derives from the flickers of light that occasionally dart across their surfaces - usually circles and lines in the colors of yellow, green, and blue, although other hues have been observed. This was mostly dismissed as some magical curiosity of the ancient Surturans, but recently researchers have discovered that these boxes seem to be sapient and aware of their surroundings, and now several universities are attempting to decypher their language and establish basic communication. All magical attempts at communication have failed, making lengthy study of the color patterns necessary.

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