Langorn Erethaur
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As the consort of the previous queen, it was expected of Langorn Erethaur that he retired to Enegorn and removed himself from the intrigues of the Royal Court. And despite the suspicions of Queen Arwanna, his daughter, that was what he planned and what he was content with doing for the rest of his life. He now teaches the art of fighting to some of the most promising students of the realm, and truly enjoys passing his experience to the next generation.

Nevertheless, he is disturbed by the excesses of his daughter, and while he has refused to take any action against her so far, his patience is slowly running out. Some other Sidhe who are considering overthrowing the queen to stop her have already contacted him to act as their leader, as he is one of the most respected nobles of Avareen, but so far he has rebuffed all of their advances. However, word of these dissidents has reached Arwanna, and she might feel compelled to act against him first to eliminate him as a threat to her rule - ironically compelling him to action, should he survive her first move.

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Aren't family squabbles fun?


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