Last Ocean
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The Last Ocean is named thus because it lies the furthest away from the Known Lands. Bounded by the World's End Archipelago to the west and Nardhome and the Far Coast to the east, it surrounds Terra Meridies and is the largest sea on Rothea. Terrible storms unseen elsewhere pass unimpeded over it, and the region remains little explored by visitors from the Flannish Cities. However, it is known that the many small island chains are populated by a widespread seafaring culture - while each island chain is effectively its own kingdom, they remain in contact with each other with a vast fleet of catamarans. While their hull construction technology is not quite up to the industrial standards of the Flannish Cities, their skills in navigation, water, and weather magics is second to none. As a coming of age ceremony,yYoung people in this civilization often band together to crew a ship and explore the oceans before settling down - whether or not they return home to do so.

These people have stories about ancient underwater civilizations dwelling in the depths of the Last Ocean, but so far little is known about them.

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The Urbis equivalent of the Pacific Ocean.


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